Depending on the versions of Spring Cloud Vault and Spring Boot the configuration of vault properties differs.

With Spring Cloud Vault 3.0 and Spring Boot 2.4, the bootstrap context initialization (bootstrap.yml, of property sources was deprecated.
You can refer for new enhancements in latest version.

First we will…

Build comprehensive monitoring capabilities for Spring Boot Microservice using Spring Boot Actuator, Micrometer and Prometheus.

Observability, which is comprised of monitoring, logging, tracing, and alerting aspects, is an important architectural concern when using microservices and event-driven architecture (EDA) styles, primarily because:

  • A large number of deployments require automation and centralization…

This article focuses on plain GraphQL functionality.


GraphQL is a query language that provides a complete and understandable description of how to load data from a server. GraphQL enables declarative data fetching where a client can specify exactly what data it needs from an API.

REST has been a popular…

This article focuses on basic overview of Neo4j and Graph Database.


What is Graph database?

  • Graph database uses graph structures with nodes, edges and properties to represent and store data. The graph relates data items to a collection of nodes and edges, where edges represent relationships between nodes. Graph database…

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